Call for Entries

Fine Art Photography

Evolving from sand to urban oasis over the last 150 years, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is an escape from the city, within the city. Christopher Pollock’s historical biography of The Park in his book subtitled “A Thousand and Seventeen Acres of Stories” has taken decades of meticulous research and sleuthing to create. With so many stories to tell in the confines of a 152 page book, his main dilemma was to decide which stories not to include.

A Call for Entries is a celebration of the The Park’s 150 year anniversary through Fine Art Photography, and is a way for all the other stories to be shared, enjoyed and debated. Norfolk Press invites you to submit your fine art photography along with your story about The Park. The stories can be as short as the title of the work or as long as 420 words.

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