150 Year Anniversary Book

Norfolk Press is pleased to announce our newest collaborative project with award-winning historian Christopher Pollock. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is celebrating its 150th Anniversary, and to commemorate this historic occasion, we have published a newly designed edition of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park A Thousand and Seventeen Acres of Stories. Golden Gate Park has had many significant changes and upgrades since the initial publication was released 20 years ago. This updated design includes even more in-depth historical facts, along with new photos, maps and insights on what not to miss while visiting the park. Be sure to register your contact information here, to receive the latest updates and incentives regarding the launch of this very special book.


One of the world’s most spectacular urban oases, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park surely is one of the most beloved. This 1,017 acre green space in the middle of the cosmopolitan City by the Bay is covered with grassy meadows, wooded bike trails, secluded lakes, open groves, formal gardens, and museums.

This stunning book captures the wonders of this special place in an elegant volume that is perfect for visitors and residents alike. Filled with color photographs that spill over with the flowers, trees, sculpture, and charming architecture you expect, the book also includes many black-and-white historical photos documenting the park’s illustrious past. A full-color map of areas and sites within the park gives a helpful overview, and lively, anecdotal text provides information about the monuments, gardens, and museums, from the Dutch Windmill, historic Beach Chalet, Japanese Tea Garden, and the M. H. de Young Memorial Museum, to the herd of bison grazing peacefully in an enclosed paddock just off Kennedy Drive.

The only up-to-date, comprehensive, fully illustrated guide to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, this fascinating book leads you to the many adventures you can experience in this distinctive urban woodland.

“San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is not just a great urban treasure, a botanical wonder, and a sterling, sylvan retreat in the heart of one of the world’s most beautiful cities. It is a living testament to the dreams of man. Once a past sandy wilderness, William Hammond Hall’s sweeping park design ranks as one of the great achievements in the history of the West Coast. The park has been at the epicenter of the shifting trends and movements that have helped shape the city’s soul. More than 15 million people come to experience the park’s wonders each year.

Golden Gate Park is a marvel of microclimates and private passions, from weekend soccer games, to quiet trips to the fly-casting pools, to festive gatherings like Opera in the Park. The greenbelt carved by master gardener John McLaren offers visitors space for almost every conceivable recreational pursuit, including jogging, biking, sunbathing, skating, and archery. For generations, San Francisco’s citizens have cherished and protected the park and all the structures in it, from the Conservatory of Flowers to the de Young Museum, so that it remains a refuge as breathtaking today as it was a century ago.

It takes a great vision to build a world-class park. It takes a great heart to build one for the ages.”

—Ken Garcia, San Francisco Chronicle